Decoder For BMW i3 I01


Upgrade your ride with our Wireless Apple CarPlay kit, compatible with NBT and EVO systems! This kit not only adds full CarPlay functionality but also retains all original features of your NBT or EVO system, including button and steering wheel controls.

It works harmoniously with built-in navigation, phone modules, Bluetooth, and supports Apple Maps, Spotify, Siri voice commands, and more. Experience the ultimate in connectivity and convenience without any compromise to your vehicle’s existing capabilities.Enjoy features like IOS AirPlay, Android Auto, phone mirroring, and USB playback. Benefit from enhanced sound with adjustable EQ and easy installation with a plug-and-play design. Maintain all original controls and integrate seamlessly with existing vehicle functions for a superior driving experience.


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For BMW i3 I01 : 2012 – 2017 with NBT system
For BMW i3 I01 : 2017 – 2020 with EVO System


1) Wireless Apple Carplay
2) IOS AirPlay mirror link
3) Android Auto
4) Andoid phone mirroring link
5) Support after-sale rearview and DVR
6) USB playback (music, video)
7) EQ adjustable, best sound quality
8) The original car line is plug and play, no cutting, continuous line, no damage
This amazing kit adds full CarPlay functionality to your existing NBT, EVO while retaining all the original NBT functionality. The CarPlay system supports button and steering wheel controls and integrates with console or glove box USB.
Whether your NBT and EVO systems are shipped with navigation, phone modules or Bluetooth, Apple Maps, Spotify, making/receiving calls or replying to texts with Siri, the system fully supports Apple systems and telephony features.


What models is the Wireless Carplay Retrofit Kit Decoder compatible with?

This retrofit kit is specifically designed for the BMW i3 I01 NBT System, model years 2012-2017. It is not compatible with the EVO system. Before purchasing, please confirm that your vehicle has the NBT system.

What features does the Wireless Carplay Retrofit Kit Decoder support?

The kit supports wireless and wired Apple CarPlay, wireless and wired Android Auto, Mirrorlink, factory and aftermarket reverse camera support, parking radar, front view camera DVR (CVBS input), original car knob control, and steering wheel control. It also allows you to stream apps like YouTube, view TV news, and use navigation apps

Can I use my factory car controls with this retrofit kit?

Yes, the retrofit kit supports the use of your original car knob and steering wheel controls. However, for steering wheel control buttons, only the voice control button, Tel button, and voice volume “+” and “-” buttons are supported.

How do I activate Siri voice control with the retrofit kit?

To activate Siri voice control, press and hold the voice control button on the steering wheel or long press the car knob.

Does the retrofit kit support updating to newer software versions?

Yes, the kit supports software updates. If your current software does not support certain functions like YouTube, you can obtain a new update file from the manufacturer.

What should I do if I encounter a "no signal" error message?

Ensure that the Carplay box is placed at the car passage box position during installation. If you see a “no signal” error, it may be due to incorrect placement.

Can I install the Wireless Carplay Retrofit Kit Decoder myself?

If you are unfamiliar with how to remove the car dashboard or are unsure about the installation, it is recommended to go to a professional car shop for installation. However, for product-specific issues, the manufacturer may be more knowledgeable than the auto repair shop.

What should I do before putting everything back after installation?

Please confirm that all features, especially the sound, work correctly before you reassemble any parts of the car’s interior.

What should I avoid when installing the retrofit kit?

Do not place the Wi-Fi antenna inside of the center console. It is suggested to put it under the windshield for optimal performance.

What is the correct procedure for changing wiring or toggling switches during installation?

Always remember to turn off the car first, then unplug the power cable from the decoder box before changing any wiring or toggling switches to prevent damage or short circuits.
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Additional information

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2013-2017 13 NBT, 2017-2020i3 EVO