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Decoder For BMW NBT/EVO System 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Series X1 X3 X4 X5 X6 i8 MINI


Upgrade your BMW with our NBT EVO CarPlay Decoder, experience wireless Apple CarPlay, IOS AirPlay, Android Auto, and phone mirroring for both iOS and Android devices.
This kit supports rearview and DVR, offers USB playback, and features adjustable EQ for optimal sound. With a simple plug-and-play setup, it preserves your car’s integrity while enabling control via buttons and steering wheel. Enjoy full integration with existing navigation, phone, and audio features for a comprehensive driving experience.

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1 Series F20 F21 : 2013 – 2020 with NBT or EVO System
2 Series F22 F23 F45 : 2013 – 2020 with NBT or EVO System
3 Series F30 F31 F34 F35 F80: 2013 – 2020 with NBT or EVO System
4 Series F32 F33 F36 : 2013 – 2020 with NBT or EVO System
5 Series F10 F11 : 2013 – 2020 with NBT or EVO System
5 series F07 GT : 2013 – 2017 with NBT system
6 Series F06/F12/F13:2013-2020 with NBT OR EVO System
7 Series F01 F02 F03 G12 : 2013 – 2020 with NBT or EVO System
X1 F48 : 2016 – 2020 with NBT or EVO system
X3 F25 G01 : 2014 – 2020 with NBT or EVO system
X4 F26 : 2014 – 2019 with NBT or EVO system
X5 F15 F85 : 2014 – 2020 with NBT or EVO system
X6 F16 F86 : 2014 – 2020 with NBT or EVO system
I8 I12 : 2014-2020 with NBT or EVO system
MINI F54 F55 F56 : 2013-2019 with NBT or EVO system

Tip: The CarPlay module in this link does not work on BMW cars with CIC system.


1) Wireless Apple Carplay
2) IOS AirPlay mirror link
3) Android Auto
4) Andoid phone mirroring link
5) Support after-sale rearview and DVR
6) USB playback (music, video)
7) EQ adjustable, best sound quality
8) The original car line is plug and play, no cutting, continuous line, no damage
This amazing kit adds full CarPlay functionality to your existing CIC, NBT, EVO while retaining all the original NBT functionality. The CarPlay system supports button and steering wheel controls and integrates with console or glove box USB.
Whether your CIC, NBT, and EVO systems come with navigation, phone modules, or Bluetooth, Apple Maps, Spotify, making/receiving calls, or replying to texts with Siri, the system fully supports Apple systems and telephony capabilities.



Is the installation process difficult?

The installation process is generally straightforward, but it may vary depending on your BMW model and familiarity with car disassembly. Some customers have completed the installation within 2 hours, while others have taken longer, especially if additional disassembly like glovebox removal is required. Videos are available to guide you through the process, but please refer to the installation manual for specific instructions related to your vehicle.

Do I need to connect the aux cable or the mic extender?

This depends on your specific vehicle model and the existing audio setup. Some customers have not needed to install additional cables, while others have found it necessary to ensure the functionality of features like Siri. Please consult the installation manual and check your vehicle’s compatibility.

What if I experience issues with audio quality or connectivity?

Audio quality issues could be related to your vehicle’s existing sound system, such as the Harman Kardon speakers. If you’re experiencing connectivity problems, ensure that all wires and cables are properly connected. Some customers have found that placing the Wi-Fi antenna outside of the radio compartment helps with Bluetooth connectivity.

Will the CarPlay module work with my BMW's existing features?

The module is designed to integrate with your BMW’s existing features, but some customers have reported the need to adjust settings like the EQ to get the audio quality just right. The module also supports both wired and wireless connections, so you can choose the most convenient option for you.

What should I do if the module is not functioning correctly?

If you encounter functionality issues, such as a black screen or freezing interface, first check for loose connections. If the problem persists, contact customer support for assistance. In some cases, a firmware update may be required to resolve issues.

Can I add additional features like an aftermarket camera?

Yes, some customers have successfully added aftermarket cameras and other features. Make sure to follow any additional installation instructions for these components.

Is customer support available if I have questions or problems during installation?

Customer support is available to assist with installation and troubleshooting. Response times are typically within 24 hours.

Can I add additional features like an aftermarket camera?

Yes, some customers have successfully added aftermarket cameras and other features. Make sure to follow any additional installation instructions for these components.

Will this upgrade be compatible with my BMW F30 2017?

Compatibility depends on the specific infotainment system version in your vehicle. It is compatible with NBT systems commonly found in 2017 models. However, for certainty, please provide your VIN or a photo of your current system for verification.

Can I use my existing screen with this upgrade?

Yes, in most cases, you can use your existing OEM screen. If you decide to upgrade to a larger screen, separate screen options are available for purchase.

Will the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel work with CarPlay?

Yes, your existing steering wheel controls will continue to work with CarPlay after the upgrade.

Can I listen to XM radio and receive audio from CarPlay navigation apps simultaneously?

No, you cannot listen to XM radio and receive audio from CarPlay navigation apps at the same time as the system uses the AUX input for audio.

If my car doesn't have navigation or CarPlay, will this upgrade enable these features?

Yes, this upgrade will enable you to use navigation and CarPlay in your vehicle.

Can I add an aftermarket backup camera to this system?

Yes, this unit supports aftermarket backup cameras with 720P PAL and NTSC standards.

Will this system work with my 2018 BMW 320xi that lacks navigation and CarPlay?

Yes, this system is designed to add navigation and CarPlay functionality to models that did not originally include these features.

Does this upgrade support the use of the steering wheel's cruise control buttons while in CarPlay?

Yes, the cruise control buttons will continue to function as normal when using CarPlay.

Can I install this system myself?

Installation complexity varies. Some customers have successfully installed it themselves by following guides or videos. However, professional installation is recommended for those unfamiliar with car electronics.

Will this upgrade work with a 2021 BMW Z4 M40i?

No, this particular unit is not compatible with the 2021 BMW Z4 M40i. It’s important to contact the manufacturer with details of your vehicle for the correct unit.

Can I use the native car apps like XM radio while using the navigation on CarPlay?

Unfortunately, you cannot use the native XM radio app and CarPlay navigation audio simultaneously, as the system switches to AUX input for CarPlay audio.

If I change my mind about the screen size, can I purchase just the screen separately?

Yes, screens are available for purchase separately. Contact the supplier with your car model and a picture of your car console to get the right fit.

Does the system support the use of the steering wheel buttons while using CarPlay?

Yes, the steering wheel buttons will still function with CarPlay, allowing you to control audio and other features.

Do I need to buy a special camera for the front or can it be any camera?

The unit supports 720P PAL and NTSC rear cameras. Make sure your camera meets these specifications.

My car does not have a backup camera. Will an aftermarket camera work with this system?

Yes, the system supports aftermarket backup cameras that meet the 720P PAL and NTSC standards.

Will Android Auto's interface change with different versions of the app?

Yes, the interface of Android Auto may vary according to the version of the app you are using.

How do I find the WiFi password for connecting to CarPlay on my Android phone?

The WiFi password can typically be found in the Airplay app on the main menu of the system.

Will the heads-up display (HUD) still show navigation and music info after the upgrade?

When you are using the OEM system, the HUD will continue to display information as usual. However, third-party apps like Google Maps on CarPlay will not show up on the HUD.

How do I connect an aftermarket reverse camera to the system?

For specific instructions on connecting an aftermarket reverse camera, contact the support team for guidance.

What are the dip switch settings for CarPlay on a 2014 F32?

Dip switch settings depend on the screen size of your car. For detailed instructions, refer to the manual or contact support.

Will this work with a 2010 BMW 528i E60?

No, this unit is not compatible with the 2010 BMW 528i E60. Compatibility is specific to certain models and years.

If my BMW F30 has the CIC system, will the head-up display (HUD) and steering wheel controls still function with CarPlay?

The HUD will display information when using the OEM system, but not when using CarPlay. As for steering wheel controls, some users report that with the latest software updates, the controls, including the scroll bar, function well with CarPlay, but this may vary, so checking with the manufacturer for your specific model and system version is recommended.

How do I troubleshoot if my screen only displays the BMW logo after installation?

This issue may indicate a boot loop or a connection problem. It’s advisable to contact the manufacturer for technical support, as the solution might require a reset or specific troubleshooting steps.

Can I use both Android Auto wirelessly and have a wired connection for an iPod or other music devices simultaneously?

The system does not support using Android Auto wirelessly while having another device connected via wire for music.

What should I do if I'm having trouble with Siri not connecting properly?

For issues with Siri or any other feature not working as expected, reach out to the support team with details of your system and the problem for assistance.

Is it possible to have navigation display on the HUD with this system?

No, third-party navigation apps like Google Maps used through CarPlay will not display on the HUD.

Can I play music through Bluetooth with this system?

The system allows for Bluetooth connectivity for calls, and depending on the unit, it may also allow for music streaming. Check the product specifications or contact support to confirm.

How long does it take for the system to boot into CarPlay?

Booting into CarPlay typically takes a few seconds after the Bluetooth connection is established. It’s recommended to disconnect other Bluetooth devices from your phone for a better connection.

If I experience a no-signal issue with the LVDS-NBT-C19 cable, what should I do?

A no-signal issue may be related to a faulty cable or improper connection. Contact the support team for troubleshooting steps or to arrange for a replacement if necessary.

Are software updates available for the system, and how are they performed?

Software updates may be released to improve functionality or add new features. Information on how to perform updates should be provided and may involve downloading updates to a USB drive and installing them directly into the system.
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NBTID4-Black, NBTID4-Gold, EVO ID5-Black, EVOID6-Black